aboout how to choose your lover.

Love Your Love....

Dont love the love,
Unless love loves you.
When love loves you,
Then love the love in such a way that,
Love doesn't love anyone else......
If still love loves anyone, then that love is not a true love.
Always love a love that is true and last's forever till ur last breathe..........

Poetry by V.V.Ramesh
Read 783 times
Written on 2007-02-20 at 14:02

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Amanda K
agree, we should love those who worth it.many spent their lives loving the wrong ones when they could offer that love to some1 who really deserve it. respect the message you are sending here

Oh sometimes it's not so easy to take this role to your heart but generally you have right, nice poem here I see and somehow it makes me smiling too, so thank you :) for your sweet write and for sharing it too Have a great day and have a love that is true