a bit late to publish this one!

The 14th

I wake in the morning to the ringing bell,
Was out last night and I feel like hell,
I get to work after falling out of bed,
I don't know the date and my eyes are red,
Look at the people in the city streets,
Rushing around to the same old beats,
But something is different with the people today,
They all seem happy in a very strange way.

I wonder what's up, what have I missed?
I hold my arm up and look at my wrist,
February is the month, the fourteenth the date,
I realise now, it's the day that I hate,
Everybody seems to have someone,
But this day for me, brings no fun,
Alone in a world of private sorrow,
Now just hoping for a quick tomorrow.

Valentines Day, a day of love,
But they have taken my heart and killed my dove,
Is there hope? I cannot say,
All I know is I'm feeling this way,

Neil Chalcraft

Poetry by Neil Chalcraft
Read 757 times
Written on 2007-02-23 at 00:30

Tags Valentines  14th  Love 

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Rob Taylor
Very interesting look at a romantic day. I love it!

ah yes, so much attention is on those that do have love in their lives on this date yet there are many who are just made to feel even more lonely because they have no one. a good piece.

Valentines Day - Valentine's Day, an apostrophe is needed as the day is belonging to Valentine