This is written for the love of my life!


I touch your hand and the electricity begins
It's high voltage and runs up and down my spine
You place a kiss on my lips and my head spins
Holding you in my arms, I'm so glad you're mine
You gave me courage, you let me grow
All that I have and all that I am I offer to you
Of heart and mind, of body and soul
Our lives and spirits joined into a whole
Transcending what we could be alone
Giving us strength, making us one
My love for you is like the fire, consuming and ever-changing.
My love for you is like the earth, solid, sturdy, and firm.
My love for you is like a stream, energetic, bubbly, and ever flowing.
My love for you is like the air, rapturous and all-emcompassing.
Yet my love extends beyond the elements.
It is greater than who I am, and meaningless without us.
It is more powerful than our past, yet the foundation of our future
Forever and Always, My adoration for you will run deep

Poetry by Teala
Read 643 times
Written on 2005-11-03 at 03:25

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Beautiful writing.. it's important to feel such great adoration for the person you're with.. I believe that love can not be present without respect and admiration... great work..
x, Francesca

suuuch love and adoration, quite frankly it makes me sick!


Beautifully written, he is indeed a lucky man to inspire you so.