I call it freestyle poetry...


I share my home
With a special friend,
Her name is Sadness.
She would sit quietly in the corner,
And for attention she would sigh
(Hating to be ignored).
That bitter coffee in my cup
Would shiver,
Open up her eyes:
"Oh, the wind has not delivered
Any dreams,
So let us stay awake this night
To share the magic".
(That is what good friends do
They share).
I've got the autumn running
Through my veins,
Since she's moved in,
The Sadness.
When she sits down with me,
Reminding that what matters most,
Just like a friend
So easily.
It's magic.
I beg her not to leave

Poetry by Forest
Read 497 times
Written on 2007-03-10 at 19:15

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solitude stands in the doorway


An adorable poem, and you are right to call it freestyle forest it is entirely from a free heart and flows perfectly naturally in each gentle breath your poem expresses. I know that sadness, she is not so bad when you get used to her! smiling at you Tai

sadness, joy, fear etc, all should be embraced if we are to feel their power in a beneficial way. of course too much of anything can harm, but our emotions are there for a reason, to guide us so we may learn, a good poem here touching the realms of sadness.