he isnt my real brother..
but thats all i know him as..
its so sadd.
this one girl
told the athorities that he raped her.
when it was actually sagitory sex...
so here he sits in a jailcell for 8 years.
known as a preditor now.
i dont think its ri


i cry at night and wonder why
nothing goes well.
it better than sitting in a jailcell...
(like my brother is)
He's accused of rape.
its more than i can take.
because i know he didnt do it.
but no one belives it.
so here it sits.
(like my brother)
he's always cheered me up
but now he's not here.
everyone belives HERR
(like my brother)
i know he didnt do it FOR SURE!

Poetry by Dahani
Read 534 times
Written on 2007-03-16 at 15:30

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Having someone you love sent to jail, must be horrible. And yet it gives you a chance to write your feelings down. Wich can turn out to become good poems. Keep up the good work, and keep faith.