(Anonymous) pt 1

The Forgotten Village

Ethnic cleansing and the rain
The blackest cloud adorned the landscape of the forlorn forgotten
A village
Raped and slain
soiled in corpus blood and bones
A baby in the debris and wreckage
Humanities coil is wretched and torn in miscarriage
As the macabre soldiers revel in the birth of a blood stained nation
The burning flag
a constitution stranded upon the sickly-sticky-purple-burgundy slivered lawn....
For this was the world of which she was born
wretched and torn,
and crying
A daughter of the wilderness desert
searching for her existence
in the left over shattered pieces
ashes from burnt out fires
debris and remembrance
smoke and the pitted painful stench
vermilion speckled tints on the green grass and grey concrete
hardened reminiscence
the haunting shadows of inhumanity
in shattered realms of love
whilst, unbeknown to her ?... she was to become a great poet
She named her first born
like the future wind; 'Anonymous'
As it was the name she never heard sun-crest fallen / a silent grey memory / a milestone
for everyone and many /
her mother-land
her mothers lifeless body
that Fell inside /
the unmarked archive ink well of her faith/
an unknown grave /
a whirlpool
as she plunged deeper towards unseen depths
flowing above her head
immersed in a corpus landscape
Her vermillion tears of suffering inside the empty womb
her tears of suffering befell this empty room.

She knows there's an almighty God
But she also knows ... there's a powerful devil too
In the evil acts that men can do
In later years she thought of God
As Anonymous part One and part Two

Poetry by D'Antay Web
Read 851 times
Written on 2007-03-21 at 20:53

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Karen Canning
very powerful, very graphical, totally emotional, tugs at the reader

the ending blew me away, she knows there is a God and a devil too...wow, superb poerty


Karen Canning
very powerful, graphical and emotional, totally tugs at the reader, the ending blew me away, she knows there is a God and a devil too..wow.....superb poetry


Karen Canning
very strong writing, very graphical, emotional and the ending so powerful, she knows there is a God and a devil too...wow

impressive poetry