A Child Dies

Suddenly it strikes . . .

Hard and without mercy;
Without notice Death.

One minute,
filled with joy and tricks,
and so . . .
all at once,
A sound of brakes,
A scream from tires . . .

and the little child lies Silent.

Silent on black surface Silence of Death.
So paralyzing that birds stopp singing.

In the blue car,
in a grey suit,
clutching the wheel,
sits a man hunched over . . .

His eyes staring fixed, unseeing, straight ahead.
Inhumanely burdens the knowledge his mind.

He has killed a child.

Poetry by Carl O Andersson
Read 584 times
Written on 2007-03-28 at 18:19

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indeed a 'real life' xperience.
the way you linked pathos in the imagiry of your poem is very well.
good work.
keep it up