about a girl i recently got to know

Eyes Of Beauty

Her lovely eyes of beauty,
They glance timidly at me,
As brown as rusty autumn leaves,
As luminous as the desert sun,
As intricate as tapestry weaves,
Reserved, yet full of fun,
Just one glimpse makes me grin,
Wish you'd let me further in.

She smiles as she see's me gazing,
Her perfect red lips leave me dazing,
As radiant as a summers morning,
Like red roses beaming in their glory,
Acting as incentive not warning,
Her face tells its own story,
When she speaks I hang on every word,
She has the nicest voice I've ever heard.

I move closer just to see more,
We share a drink from the same straw,
Her perfect pale skin looks cold,
So I stretch out my arm around her tight,
I want to stay here and just hold,
It's not strange that this feels so right,
After just this one night of fun,
I feel it inside, she is the one.

Neil Chalcraft

Poetry by Neil Chalcraft
Read 911 times
Written on 2007-03-30 at 16:29

Tags Eyes  Brown  Beautiful 

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