Done this a while back, but i'm back on track now,in part down to my writing and getting it out of my system.

Broken ties

Shattered lives and broken ties
Once more to bear those uttered lies
The dream has gone
Which once was real
No one to share the pain i feel

Another fool it sounds so sad
Attracting only what is bad
A cry for help
That no one hears
Like cracking ice that disappears

The rage i feel so silent now
All twisted and bitter, familiar somehow
I've walked this path
More then once before
The scars have healed, yet the hearts still sore

Never again will i feel or trust
Or bare my soul for a beggers crust
To be trampled and crushed
Without even a care
In love it seems theres nothing fair

An empty shell without remorse
Emotions dead all drained and coarse
That trusting love awaiting fate
Discarded now replaced by hate

No heavy heart, no tears to cry
No looking back no passing sigh
I know the feelings oh so well
A new dawn breaking on a life of hell.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 678 times
Written on 2005-11-11 at 10:58

Tags Beggers 

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cory Crook
This poem makes me see into what i relationships i may have and how important/disimportant they are. I love the part were you say
An empty shell without remorse
Emotions dead all drained and coarse

this emitionless source must have been in the time of a divorce.

Sofiul Azam
It's a wonderful poem that deserves attention from everybody at this site. I really enjoyed reading this poem after my three-week break.

Zoya Zaidi
Beautifully structured piece, so painful and passionate a feeling and yet so wonderfully rhymed... YOU MUST HAVE REALLY WORKED ON IT OR YOU MUST HAVE BEEN REALLY INSPIRED AT THE TIME OF WRITING!!! BRAVO!! Penfold..
xxx Zoya