waiting for the day

Im sat here in the dark,
Alone in my room,
Another saturday night,
All my friends are busy, out on the town,
They wont be home for hours,
I guess i'll just catch up with the latest gossip tomorrow,
Of how life is treating them kind,
And how i still sit alone,
Waiting for the day,
My love will come to me,
Its come to everybody i know,
Why hasnt it come for me?
I'm waiting for the day,
Please will someone find me,
I'm waiting for the day,
My love will come and rescue me,
All alone i cry,
What a loser i am,
Everybody else has someone to hold them at night,
I dont have anyone,
I'm waiting for the day,
You find me my love.

Poetry by princess
Read 691 times
Written on 2007-04-09 at 00:13

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well written princess .. simply superb... i liked it..:)

Forgot to say BOOKMARKED...

Waiting is OK sometimes, but sometimes you have to seize Love.
It will find you, or maybe you'll find it.

Great Write!!!!

u will find some one one day i know u will