This poem is of course of the imagination. The Cassy Water flows by the ruins of my family's farm in the Mourne Mountains on its way to Carlingford Lough and the Irish Sea. Please feel free to read this riverine poem beginning at any stanza.

Casey's River

I hold you
in my arms

down where
Casey's river
runs over
rocks and
rills and
rolling hills

the stones
still stand
as bones in
land across
the sea twixt
you and me
and sweet

of lightnings
lost on seaward
shores and greywards
clouds of fortunes
strong and thunders
loud forgivings

as hair falls
down across your
breasts and
geese fly
home to nest

I hold you
weak and strong

Poetry by Peter Humphreys The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-04-10 at 23:59

Tags Ireland  River  Love 

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Zoya Zaidi
This poem flows
like the river itself:
Meandering softly
along the senses;
Now in ebb, now
in flow, now fast,
Now slow,
Now mallow,
Now all aglow...

I love the last lines:
'I hold you
weak and strong'

(((Hugs for the lyrically flowing piece)))
Love, Zoya

this makes me take a tour beyond now ... opening the door to past times .. of love and longing ... images now carried by the river .. never resting .. going with the constant flow of love, life sorrow.........following nature

this is as Rob says a very beautiful poem ...

thank you made me set my feat to the ground filled with hope this day .....

// katherine

Rob Graber
This is really beautiful, man, like--or so I imagine--the river that inspires and flows through it...