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The Goats' Invasion

The alarm shouted on my ear
The day is six thirty a.m young so is the air

I prostrate twiceand pray
To God to make me a predator and not a prey

I dust the house and mob the floor
Wash the plates as there is no flaw

I fed the poultry and allow them to reign
Spread the grains as there is no rain

I fetch petrol and ten buckets of water
Wash the car as i leave the warming till later

My mum cooks beans and ot corn-pap
It encouraged me as it makes me clap

I am told to direct and deliver a message orally
I am so tired as i got it aurally

I run madly and i conveyed it to the Wright
His dog gave me a chase as the message was not right

I walk home gently and i aim not to blunder
I think I am dead as i thought of nought save hunger

Without feeding back i took my brush and my bath
Half naked i dashed to the kitchen as i have damned the earth

As my mouth watereth hunger was my mood
But Lo! the Goats ate my food.

Poetry by kid
Read 794 times
Written on 2007-04-11 at 15:35

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Alfred Iwerebor
A touch of humor. Thanks kid.

Enjoyed fully!!