Brought up in the ghetto

Brought up in the ghetto
I had no veto
I had to struggle
Just like a jungle
Stealing, killing, raping o!
Hunger, disease still thriving o!

See a sixteen year old pregrant
Backing and holding one appealing for grant
Packing dirt for money
Garri was my honey
Swollen corspe and smelling o!
Road side sleeping and snoring o!

Clothless fifteen in a room
All thin like a stick of broom
Matured ones sleeping as prostitute
Innocently carring the disease of that magnitude
Suffering smiling and dying o!
With the government lying living o!

Poetry by kid
Read 775 times
Written on 2007-04-11 at 16:25

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Alfred Iwerebor
Brought up in the ghetto
Built like a mosquito

The Ghetto...which one would that be? Ajegunle?

Such a true story for all to realize and rise from!!