Just one of those days.


Where am i heading, what have i done
Is my time near over, or just begun
My past is hazy, my future dark
Will i leave this world without a mark

I come and go, i work and sleep
I thirst or hunger, drink or eat
To laugh or cry, to shake with fear
I wonder whats my purpose here

What is my aim, wheres my direction
Is this my life or isolation
Is there any point to my existence
If not i'll die with no resistance

Give me a spark, a magic potion
A zest for life, a forward motion
A need to be, to say i am
Look at me i am a man

My life is passing, and i exist
I crave excitement, adventure , risk
In this mundane role, that i am cast
I can see my life just slipping past.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 730 times
Written on 2005-11-16 at 12:03

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John Ashleigh
Fantastic - not only is the life slipping past, but the poem slips past! The rhythm is catchy and it stands out to many others! Indeed, it is just one of those days, but no, this isn't just one of those poems.

THIS is poetic - THIS is what a good poet should read and endure. Brilliant!

another good write ,,keep em coming,,,Eddy