Hells angels

 -There is a dark angel in the corner of my mind

-  There is a dark angel in the corner of my eye

There is a dark angel
in the corner of my mind
in the corner of my eye

Let the hell break loose
don't make another move


Release the demons
from within you

Let them fight
with each other

Watch, observe
the bloodshed

and when the
winner of the eternal fight

Stands up
holding the heads of
his opponents - fellow demons
in his hands

Smiling at you. . .
Look deep into his eyes
and tell him:

- Congratulations!You were the strongest amongst all;
but beckon demon you will not bother me anymore!

Dark angel
in the corner of my eye
in the corner om my mind



Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 707 times
Written on 2007-04-19 at 18:02

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i see u climbing dante's ladder.
take a note of the last line, "in the corner ... my eye" , a typo i guess it is. nice piece.

hey! u are a writer with a difference. i like ur style. tapping the gifts of silence...hummmmm. i like u

good one my dear frnd:)

F.i.in.e Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
:) if i were the demon, i'd shiver and pack my bags if i were to be left standing alone just with you lol ;) i'm teasing you, but really the strength and power of expression here comes through clear and convincingly... the words i take them as advice we give ourselves at times to overcome what holds back... it's a fight, but it's one well-worth going all the way for... excellent write for personal victory, night :) *hugs* xx

Rob Graber
Nice write, you sly psychologist you... :-,?

And from the bloodhsed of the eternal aggression shall come a reckoning. Great one!!!

This is great!

Kathy Lockhart
brilliant work Carmen. I see first the intimidation or fear of the demons. Then the bold admission of their presence. Then the wisdom to release them into the hands of the other. After that comes inner power over them and then their fading away to nothingness. This is ART! bookmarked for its Powerful Message.

Colin Skilton
And when we se the demons who betray us in the reality of light, they are small insignificant little creatures that are laughable and easily removed. But first we must discover them and destroy them one by one and release our soul into the light Of God and our Saviour, dwell in his light and feel the joy of love and beauty that should be yours andc let its beauty surround you always.
I am glad you have destroyed your demons my friend and thankyou for
this wonderful piece of excellent writing.

Masterfully Expressed!!!

Enjoyed the metaphoric message here...

Very Well Written