A poem of a world that is to be overrunned by evil. A dark poem. I like writing this kind of poems.

Beasts Of Wrath

Solve the riddle,
search through the ways of life,
follow the trails of flesh,
blood and cruelty,
let the riddle be solved
and the gate will open forever,

awaken the hungry beasts,
let them walk the surface,
let the beast carry out my
command of pain and suffering!
they will walk this earth forever!
the beasts has been trapped
behind the gate for a century,
they will kill an feast on all
the worst plague you could imagine
is about to turn into reality,

Blood leads them to their
no matter what you do,
you will become part of
this plague!
you think you can escape?
pain and suffering will
take over you,
your blood will be spilled,
With my bare hands i
will rule the earth!
nothing to stop me,
my wrath will bring darkness
to the whole world!!!

Poetry by Alexander
Read 768 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 20:56

Tags Evil  Imagination  Darkness 

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