One of my favorites. Kinda legendary and it took some time to write it.

The Pact of The Ancients

We talk of a people,
a people of great meaning,
a people who sacrificed their
life's for mankind,
slaughtered on the grounds
of the holy battle,
overrunned by the invaders,

giving up was not
in the mind of these people,
our holy warriors stood
their ground and fought,
dying was not a fear,
death was a friend,

seeking inner power
these holy people
made a pact right there
on the grounds,
never to give up,
to fight for the
well being of the people,
for great justice and
most of all,
for the great people
of our world,

standing there with
only 153 men left
the holy warriors rushed
into the pit of the unholy,
surrounded by swords and
metal armor they stood no chance,
their blood was spilled on
the grounds,
the blood is so holy it
still haven't washed away,

the holy warriors was
all slaughtered,
their heads was rolling
down the hills of the
battle grounds,
convinced of victory
the unholy roared out
a battle shout of victory,

not knowing the pact
the holy warriors made
on the battle grounds,
they seeked inner power,
power of such holy reasons,
the ultimate power of good,
a white aura started to come out
of the lifeless bodies,
this white aura is the
core of all life,
perishing one after another,
the unholy disappeared into

these holy warriors are
the ones that has made
our life's possible,
fighting till death they
saved this planet,
the pact they made,
the holy pact they made,
is called,
The Pact Of The Ancients..

Poetry by Alexander
Read 530 times
Written on 2005-11-17 at 21:36

Tags Legend  Mystic 

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