Even though summer is coming, I found myself in a wintery mood this evening (it's a good thing), and I wrote this. I am a winters person; the fresh air, the northern lights, the towering mountains dressed in white - give it to me. I hope you enjoy.

Eternity passing by (a winters poem)

There are none to watch the silent dance
of lights, over cold, desolate landscapes
Starlit is the sky, and these glimmering torches
of the north, weave their web;
blown out, but then lit again
and again

The beautiful sound of howling winds
gives life to the image, of black and white
Rising peaks, enthroned in white
as wintery walls of old
ancient majesties
silently watching eternity
passing by

Snow begins to fall
winter is dressing up, for the night
covering the soil, with its soft carpet
white silk, rocking the earth asleep
I stay awake, to watch over her

Still, the visions
stand clear before me

Poetry by J. E.
Read 944 times
Written on 2007-05-27 at 23:33

Tags Winter  Nature  Beauty 

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Wonderful. I envy you Norwegians your country.

Rob Graber
This makes winter sound inviting even to a heat-leaner like me; a phrase brought to my mind is:
severity, redeemed by clarity