written with Nepenthes

Beneath Orion's Sword

In this place where I stand right now
I will leave my mark
I will mention your treason
To give you a reason
To fly somewhere inside a masked task

I have pleaded guilty under covered oak
Burned to a crisp after it had mulched
Broken spells and arrow-like
Fortunes fighting back
To give you a reason to fly over rainbows

Lady Fortuna sings for us!

I flew over rainbows
My silver body turned to gold

We are the Alchemists of the lost ones
But not long lost, forged by treason
Forged by the only reason, we meet again

Come and fly with me, I will reverse
The broken spells, mend your heart
Come, come and fly with me
Your sacrifice was not in vain
I understand now

June 11 is imminent: Fortuna Equestris!

The boy has chosen the oak rods
And a knight has appeared on horseback

He is the protector, a sentinel, shield
He is the finder of lost souls, dripping
From the sky, his sword has been forged

By the most skilled of hands, Fortuna Victrix!
Not even by the casting of magic spells
Might this be undone, no sacrifice
To dwell upon with tears
He gives of himself freely

In his palm he holds a star
Where he prisons the lost souls
No no no never
Each soul is a star
Let them find their place in the sky

Poetry by night soul woman The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2007-06-08 at 00:00

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I gotta book mark this!!!

Rob Graber
Stellar job, guys!

John Ashleigh
Wow. I really don't know what to write. - but wow. I applaude this.

very good:) gd one dear frnd:)

O Fortuna
Velut luna
Statu variabilis...

That's what comes to my mind. Carmina Burana.

Great, great job!