The Mind (The Great Adventure) - Part I - The Fall and the Flower

Mind, a place in the mists of time,
Think; follow, the knell and chime,
The ring of the bell, ding then dong,
Where is this? Right or wrong,
A door, a portal, where does it go?
Away, around, up and low.

Look to the sky, black and blue,
Where are you? No clue,
Figments and stars, stray they fall,
Flying, falling, a massive fireball,
Cats and dogs, raining on you,
You can't escape no matter what you do.

Run, Run, You want to get out,
But here you are, trapped, no doubt,
A ladder appears, climb, you must,
It never ends, jump, trust,
Down, down, further you plunge,
Leaning forward you try to lunge,
Plummet, fall, into the dark pit,
Dingy, dank and barely lit.

Look around, at the bottom you lye,
Nothing, no light enters the eye,
Try as you might, no way out,
At the bottom, nervous, doubt,
Panic sets in, clawing at the edge,
Balancing at the side of never ending ledge.

Wandering, alone and without hope,
Take a breath to help you cope,
Look around again, a distant glimmer,
A splash of brilliant white, a shimmer
Luminous in the craven gloom,
Standing out from the shadowy doom,
A flower, dazzling, perfect in every way,
Folding petals, lighting up the day.

But what does it mean? Why is it here?
Is it a guide, helping to defeat fear?
It stands solitary, isolated but tough,
Surviving through the dire and rough
Like a poppy in a field of weeds,
Rising high, producing new seeds,
Appearing strong, tall and proud,
The ray of light through the cloud.

Neil Chalcraft

Poetry by Neil Chalcraft
Read 762 times
Written on 2007-07-19 at 23:40

Tags Mind  Adventure  Parti 

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