About Black Money...

Money In Black....

This is the problem that every country is facing,
if this Black Money ,which the Beaurocrats and
Politicians have is used for the country, then
every country will turn into a developed Country.
BY doing this we can increase the Poverty Line..........

No one in this world can take the money with them
when they Die, not even a single penny.....

Don't earn Black Money, earn money which is White
Don't go for Excess Money, earn money which is sufficient
to lead a Happy Life.........

So, Please Serve for the poor, do Social Service,
Serve the Country with the Black Money that you have........

Poetry by V.V.Ramesh
Read 515 times
Written on 2007-06-20 at 16:14

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As the rich are gettin richer, the poor are gettin poorer. I dont see how corruption will ever cease.