For all the questions in life, there is but one answer.

But I have not found it.

Among friends

A philosopher drenched in New York rain
was filled to the brink with water
as the trains passed by below ground
and buildings fifty stores high

abandoned like a heathen in a church
he crouched down by the side of man
sitting quietly on the curb
begging for a piece of life

pounding is the soul,
he said and pierced his own hand
with a clean white sheet
ripped from a motel bible

when you break open a seal
inside all is scrambled,
when you are alone -
do hearts break so rhythmically?

So he proclaimed, the philosopher,
that a human mind is fragmented
betrayal comes from nature
and love is drug legalized

the beggar clenched a fist and let it go
inside there was nothing as in the
beginning, 'Your only earthly possession
is a shattered heart'.

Poetry by muddy waters
Read 796 times
Written on 2005-11-25 at 18:31

Tags Rain  Ny  Philosopher 

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liam killeen
THIS is poetry.I am not sure if i totally understand it ,but there is alot of Bob Dylan I do not understand either.I still think he`s great.