Ill: Kkc, lyric from The Angelfish Files

DIARY (voice in the wind)

There was a icy wind coming in
one of this cold november winds
You only wish you could be somewhere else
away from low-life's and infidels
wish I could handle things more easily
take the days as they come
But my illusions of beeing free
are always playing tricks on me

There's a voice in the wind for me
the whisper of the Muse
A voice in the wind for me
there's something I must do

One day is just like the other day
turning to night and fade away
though the days at sea makes me feel alive
it still hear this distant cry
wish I could handle life more easily
most people do around here
but these illusions of breaking free
are always playin tricks on me

there is a woman in this ivory tower
so completely out of reach
I tried the ladders and I tried the stairs
I came with laughter and with tears
wish I could handle love more easily
get my head out of this cloud
but my illusions of feeling free
are playing foolish tricks on me

there are children sitting at my feet
they try to listen when I speak
I can't tell them how the good life goes
but in our hearts we're always close
wish I could handle love more carefully
I really got no excuse
only illusions of being free
I let them play around with me

Poetry by PapaFahr The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 660 times
Written on 2007-07-04 at 14:07

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M Heathcote
Hi Papafahr

wish I could handle love more carefully
these are words to live by...

I love the whole of this last section
it speaks volumes to my own
maturing thoughts and feels
illusions call for somewhere else
some place else
but at the foot of my bed
is a homestead
a family needing bread
my toil is to see them all fed!