You will never be free of the world and it's claws, all you can do is lessen the pain and forget about its source.

Doors, or the opposite

Everything is forgotten, but still remembered
and all the doors which has been covered in mould for centuries
were never shut at all -

Just as your eyes never did turned away
even if you did die -
While still breathing hot air
did I love and conquer
dreams from afar

Closed pathways and broken steps and falling flannel skies -
do you miss them, just how it is I
who miss those they took away?
Dread not the future, but thy past -
for it never forgets for a moment
even if your lord and lover might do.
The door is shut,
so is this land
and our peace will only come
with the grey death
that seeks us all.

Poetry by muddy waters
Read 449 times
Written on 2005-11-27 at 01:43

Tags Doors 

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