Winter time

The cold wind comes from northern tips
Bringing forth its icey chips
To make you shake and change your tones
Chatter teeth and chill your bones

Then step outside and stamp those feet
Sqeezing fingers seeking heat
Collar up and head hunched down
Eyes fixed firmly on the ground

All around you glittering white
Its beauty hiding jack frosts bite
Each step forward filled with dread
In case you slip and bang your head

There was a time it held no fear
When as a child once filled with cheer
But now its only bitter cold
A legacy of growing old.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 657 times
Written on 2005-11-27 at 16:44

Tags Winter 

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This was a frozen beauty!

The rythm is great, the words are out iceskating! =)

You could have written this about me as I walk around the lanes of Normandie with my Labrador Meg in the inclement weather. (We have had snow the last two days) Good write thoroughly enjoyed.

Pen...a wonderful piece you have written, and i can so identify with the imagery and sentiment of this winter time. A most enjoyable always.