A snowflake meanders to the ground
To land as soft as feather down
These crystals fragile, cold and white
Can blanket every thing in sight

Natures marvel quite unique
A surgeons skill could not compete
A scene of beauty, a wonderful sight
An artists dream, a childs delight

Natures playground full of fun
Soon will bring the mid-day sun
And even as the sun draws near
The snowflakes start to disappear.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 564 times
Written on 2005-11-29 at 10:32

Tags Snowflakes 

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Right now I'm sitting i Norway seing the snow falling to the ground - and it's exactly falling the way you're describing. Fortunately for me and other people in Norway this snow will not disappear when the sun starts to shine.
Wonderfull poem.

Vixen's Cub
Absolutely beautiful as always. It projects a wonderful picture for people like myself who have never seen snow. :). Wonderful.

Black Knight
When you catch a snowflake on a hand and it thaws, leaving a small droplet of water and then absolutely disappears, it compels to reflect about a transitoriness of existence...
Just a little of philosophy :)
Thanks for another beautiful poem.