I think I will expand this one when I find the inspiration, but I'm posting it now while I wait for that.

Down the road in a row

I watched the silent ones grow
They came down the road in a row
The grass was green, then withered
and lost its colour
(when the cold came)

I watched the silent ones glow
They came down with their heads low
The leaf was strong in the shining sun
but gave in to the wind and fell
(when the sun disappeared)

I am telling you the truth
I saw it all - but I drank my tea and knew
The circling serpent will bite its tail
Again and again

Poetry by J. E.
Read 1075 times
Written on 2007-08-10 at 14:52

Tags Autumn  Hope 

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Rob Graber
I feel I should be able to identify these silents ones that grow and glow in a row with heads low... attractively mysterious text.