This is a story/poem. I wrote what pictures i saw.

Run To Another World

A distant cry
is all that you hear
You open your eyes
and begin to fear

You were the one
screaming so loud
seeing in front of you
the man in black shroud

He has finally caught up
Staring with his hollow eyes
Looking into your soul
to find where it thrives

A bright light appears
from over your shoulder
Then the air around
got colder and colder

A frightened look
appeared on his face
for you disappeared
to a different place

Trees now surround you
some purple, some green
Then you just think
"This is all just a dream."

He appeared in front of you
looking so angry
Then he started disappearing
so suddenly, so strangely

His hand was out stretched
as if asking for help
then he turned to dust
leaving his cloak and belt

He is gone from this world
and you are in another
no longer able to see
your friends, or your mother

But a door has been opened
for many to see
To a world of great beauty,
A place to be free

Poetry by Mark Reynolds
Read 607 times
Written on 2005-12-01 at 16:57

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Wow, amazing. This poem took me into another world. Like your opening and how you make us float to the end:)