A day in my life.

A perfect way to understand me
Is to follow my life for one day.
Keep reading if you think
You can handle this.

When I wake
The first thing on my mind
Is "Will this day be better"
"Better than the rest?"

While I have a shower
The thoughts go to other things
Like "will I ever find peace"
"Peace in my life and my soul?"

While I go to work or school
My thoughts switch yet again
Like "What will the future bring"
"For me and those I love"

After a long day of work or school
I sit in silence all alone
And then I think "how will I"
"Survive my past and regain a future"

I go to bed while thoughts are racing
But can not sleep for hours
Instead I think "Why am I here"
"What is my purpose in life"

My dreams take me back
To the worst times in my life
And here is what I dream
When no one is there to help.

A man with no face
Abusing me for all I am
A woman with fire in her eyes
Screaming at me and hitting me

So now you know
How my day is
Do you feel you know me
Cause I dont.

Poetry by Nyorioko
Read 377 times
Written on 2007-08-25 at 20:17

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