Prayer For The People Who Died In The Blast's..

Souls Should stay in Piece...

This is a small prayer for the people who died
in the blasts that occured in hyderabad in India.
Around 45 people where died and around 100 where injured.
I Pray for God that the people who died, their soul's
should stay in piece..

Let's all join and pray for a minute for them.
The Terrorism is not meant for India, US, nor Uk,
this is the prbm that the entire wolrd is facing..
Let's Pray God that this terrorism must be eradicated and
the whole world must stay in peace and calm..

Dont these terrosit's feel ashamed of themselves
to do these type of Activities and Bomb Blast' which ordinary and common
people are suffering..and are Dying..

Poetry by V.V.Ramesh
Read 523 times
Written on 2007-08-27 at 10:16

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