I close my eyes.
I try to breathe.
But my throat is closed.
My hands are limb.

I float outside.
Looking down on the body I use to own.
They are all screaming.

Its all their fault.
They pushed me.
So i stole the gun.

They didnt try and stop me.
They only looked at me.
And so I did it mom.

I shot myself.
Right in the head.
And it didnt hurt mom.
Dont worry, I'm safe now.

No more harm.
No more hurt.
Only peace mom.

Thank you.
For being the best mom a girl could have.
And I'm sorry, for having to leave you.
And I'm sorry, for not saying good bye.
I love you mom.

Copyright 2007 Nyorioko.

Poetry by Nyorioko
Read 423 times
Written on 2007-08-28 at 16:43

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Kanak Vadhan
I feel the same thoughts.

The imagery is truly disturbing and invigorating.

Thank you.