The Anger

The anger in my heart.
Tearing me up from the inside.
Desroying my soul.
Making my heart explode.

Slowly dying inside.
Killed by anger.
Consumed by it.
Never see the light again.

Killing is on my mind.
Eating away on me.
I scream in fear.
Fear of the anger.

Slowly dying inside.
The anger takes over.
I am no longer human.
Just a machine of anger.

I try to fight it.
This evil in my heart.
This thing stealing my soul.
But no one can fight it.

See the fear in my eyes.
As i lay dying.
Dying of my own rage.
My own anger.

Towards the world.
Towards you.

Copyright 2007 Nyorioko.

Poetry by Nyorioko
Read 363 times
Written on 2007-08-28 at 19:35

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