The smell of rain

The moonlight pierced through the curtains.
The open window
The air carried a scent
The smell of rain.

She was sitting alone in her room
Listening to the screams
Comming from downstairs
He was beating her again

She knew she ought to do something
But was to afraid
She knew she ought to help
But was to afraid.

What would he do
If she phoned the police
She knew he would never alow it
She would never get away with it.

Instead she sat there
In the dark, cold room
Waiting for the screams
To die out and him to come.

She knows what awaits her.
Once he is finished beating
Once he has her knocked out
Once he gets arraused.

And right she is
He comes banging on the door
Demanding to be let in
Demanding that she listen to him

She pretends to be asleep.
He enters and comes to the bed
She can feel it
All of it

His hands under her t-shirt
His toungue in her mouth
His hardened body
Penetrating her

And all the while
She wants to die
She wants to kill him
She wants him to burn

After an hour
He finaly leaves
She sits up
Can barely move

Walkes over to the window
Stares at the sky
Looks at the ground
So far down

It would kill her to jump
It would break her neck
If she did it right
She climbs out of the window

Up on the roof
She sits in silence
Before opening her arms at the sky
And taking the leap

The night sky
Riddled with stars
The air has a scent
The smell of rain.

Copyright 2007 Nyorioko.

Poetry by Nyorioko
Read 407 times
Written on 2007-08-29 at 12:20

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