Umm...when i went to costa rica, i didn't have clean water to clean out an infected ingrown toe nail, therefore making it worse. as soon as i got back i had to get it removed and that was 2 weeks ago. and it's still not healed, i guesse im a li

Oh The Pain In My Toe

O the pain in my toe.

The pain that just won't go,

It follows me everywere

but just won't go

O the pain in my toe.

caused by such a little thing.

no more than a toe nails worth.

O the pain in my toe.

Why must you follow me?

Why must you taunt me?

Why must you hurt me?

Oh the pain in my toe.

Poetry by Valerie
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Written on 2007-08-31 at 04:35

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Good writing! I am glad that you got it taken care of. I was reading on another site a day or two ago about odd and unusual deaths, and this reminded me that one of the deaths was Jack Daniels. The maker of the famous whiskey could never remember the numbers for the combination to his safe. Once when trying to open it he got mad and kicked the safe because of not being able to open it. From that kick he got a fungus and died about four months later. Yes, I certainly am glad that you got the toenail taken care of. I also am glad that you wrote this for us all to read.


Rage of Reason
In Youtube there's a Kids in the Hall sketch in which Mark McKinney plays a loner who's injured his toe. By the swelling, the pus and the change of colour he knows it needs attention, but he can't get motivated to go to the hospital, because "as it is, I'm fascinated by the process!" His leg has gone numb below the knee, and he can stick a fork in it and not feel a thing. "Now that," he says, "is interesting!" I thought of that when reading this poem.

How one little tiny part of our body can cause such distress.
Hope it's better now!

I thought this write was fun & well written

Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Valerie...delightful write and poignant enough for me to feel
your pain...sorry about that....
You know, you can now re-write it for me by just changing one
word....Oh! The Pain In My Tooth...


Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
lovely ditty and your toenail makes a fascinating writing on an unusual subject!
Bravo! luvesti

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I know about ingrown toenails and having them removed. It is a painful process I have gone through myself. So I was hurting for you as I watched you take the shots and be very brave during the surgery. I hurt for you. As your grandmother, I wished I could take your place. But then you would have had no inspiration for this delightful poem! Love You, Mammy

Colin Skilton
i know where you are writing from, some weeks ago
i stubbed my toes taking the nail right off two!
Hope the pain goes away very soon, a good tonic is a nice large Brandy served with another large brandy!

Kathy Lockhart
you are delightful even in your pain. Here let me kiss your boo boo. Now all better.
Congratulations Valerie on the Editor's Choice selection.

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
it will go eventually valerie this is a lovley poem sorry about the hurt but congrats on editors choice rgds mike

Thats cant be fun and what inspiration we can find to write poems. I hope you feel better, nice write. : )

~Aaron Rowe