Walk by.

I see you walk by every day.
And every day i raise my hand.
As to ask you something.
As to say something.

But then I withdraw it again.
My nerve wont let me.
Open my mouth.
So I withdraw.

Yet again you walk by.
I see your eyes shining at me.
Again i raise my hand slowly.
And again it falls down.

Today I wont let that happen.
My hand finaly reaches your shoulder.
You turn around and look at me.

I look at your eyes.
I open my mouth.
"You dropped this"
I hand you the book.

And then I watch as you walk.
Away from me again.
Will I ever see you walking.
To come and talk to me again.

Copyright 2007 Nyorioko.

Poetry by Nyorioko
Read 378 times
Written on 2007-08-31 at 20:58

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