Who will care.

If I really did it.
Took my own life
Just to get away from it all.
Would anyone care
If I took my own life.

I look at the razor blade.
I know its gonna hurt
Maybe I should go for the pills.
At least they dont hurt too much
They just make me sleepy.

I look at the time.
Midnight soon, and the moon is high
Maybe I should wait til morning.
Who knows, something good might happen
Yet I highly doubt it.

I look at the pills.
They tempt me awfully
Maybe I should.
Take my own life
After all who would care.

What if I combine it all.
The blade, the pills and the booze
That would make it hard to tell.
What really was the cause of death
And if they cant tell, it will be better.

The old clock gives a little ding.
And yet another
Midnight now, and the room is dark.
I reach for the blade
And the pills also.

Throw 15 pills in my mouth.
Chew and swallow
Then wait a little for the numbnes.
Here it comes
And then i run the blade cross my arm.

Hardly feel anything as the blood runs.
I know its supposed to hurt
But it dont.
I just sitt there, looking into nothing
Waiting for death to take me.

Copyright Nyorioko.

Poetry by Nyorioko
Read 419 times
Written on 2007-09-01 at 12:47

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