Recently I visited England in winter.I was filled with a childlike wonder after witnessing the first snowfall of the season.This is an outcome of that feeling and incidentally my first poem!

Snow on my Doorstep

Snow on my doorstep,crunching beneath my feet,
leaving footprints behind,knowing that they will be gone in sleet.

Snow on the trees,snow on the rooftops, snow on the hedge,snow on the slopes.

Snow snow everywhere changing the landscape so, washing it with white serene and making it glow.

Leaving me to wonder how it changed overnight?
Can life be so fickle like snow that melts with light?

White hides the brown,white hides the green.
The flaws of the nature are covered with a white sheen.

It comes in sheets,it comes in drops.It comes in flakes to cover the earth's mass

It clings to the branches bare and brown,it covers the grass soft and green,

It covers my hands for a moment or two, till life's energy makes it melt and flow.

The Sun will appear from behind the clouds He will shine upon the snow making a rainbow appear.

The Life looks so rosy with snow and rainbow,but be aware of the hidden that can come as a blow.

A storm may brew, washing away the hue,making skies ovrecast, the Sun will hide behind a mast.

The gloom and the pall that descends on the earth making it appear miserable with no mirth

But this will also pass,like a cycle of gain and loss, giving the dreams a beckon, that sleep under eyes hidden.

Nothing in life is permanent, know it for sure , the snow and the storm are just the phases ever.

Life will flow as it flew for ever, smooth or stormy like the phases of a river.

Each moment of life is as evanescent as can be. What is permanent then I wonder what it may be! Anupam

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 561 times
Written on 2005-12-05 at 13:13

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Zoya Zaidi
Hi, Anupam, What a lovely maiden piece of poetry! A nature lover like you will alwys make a perfect poet... Reminds me of my first encounter with snow, at the age of and my elder brother climbed the mountain to Killunmarg from Gulmarg, without telling our parents, so exited were we, to see the snow beckoning us from the valley...We filled our pockets with snow to show to our younger siblings, only to find it melt away...
Thanks for bringing the memory back!
A excellent write!
Welcome to the Bay!

Beautiful--what a wonderful way to start writing on this site!! Love it!! Good imagery!

welcome to the world of poetry:)

A very nicely written piece even more so as your first well done and welcome to the site :-)