Dunno where this came from...maybe some memory of a past life.

Last word.

I hope we meet again
that was all he said.
Before dissapearing
into the night.
And left her there
all alone.

Weeks went by
without a word
No phone calls
no e-mails.
Not even a postcard
in her mailbox.

She stopped checking
her answering machine.
She never logged on
her computer no more.
She stopped waiting for
the postman every day.

One night the doorbell rang
outside there stood an officer.
We regret to inform you that he
has been killed in battle.
The night felt like
cold damp hands choking her.

The next few days
flew by in a haze.
She felt like she could
never love again.
But then her doctor brought news
of a life growing inside of her.

It was his child
consieved on the night he left.
Now it had to grow up
without a loving father.
She felt the world
being awfully unjust.

The same day
she got news of the child.
There was a parcel in the mail
with stamps from some distant land.
She opend it
inside lay one single thing.

The tape was in the kassettplayer
she pressed play.
My loving wife
a voice sayd.
And she felt the world spinning
for it was indeed his voice.

The tape said
not to cry.
For even though he was gone
the child would always be there.
His last words on the tape
was the thing she wanted to hear the most.

I love you.

Copyright Nyorioko.

Poetry by Nyorioko
Read 424 times
Written on 2007-09-11 at 04:48

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