If you could change the world.

If you could change the world today
With but one wish, what would you say?
Peace on earth for one and all
Would probably be the commen call
No more disease an end to pain
Or all men equal to be the same
No more disasters of devistation
An end to famine and starvation
These choices are but a middling few
Or would i start the world anew
A paradise of edens muse
I wonder which one you would choose?

Poetry by penfold18
Read 699 times
Written on 2005-12-06 at 11:08

Tags Choices 

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Vixen's Cub
I would just leave the world as it is. Peace, for what it is the most 'common call' would not last, if Human Nature intervened. No more disease means the world might become seriously over-populated. Again, human nature would pay a call, as some will believe others have more, and start the warsall over again. After all, weren't the wars and battles of the Middle Ages based on who had the most land? And with wars come famine, starvation to those whose home just happens to be on the warfront. A new world would most likely run in the same direction as our present one does. Pushed there by bad rulers, unjust laws made by those said rulers. So all in all, it would not really matter what we chose, it would not last.

On a happier note, this is a splendid write and I sincerely hope to see more. Lovely.....^_^

Zoya Zaidi
If I could change the world anew
I would make these changes few,
Ask my brother to love me more,
Hate, vendetta leave on the shore,
Drown in the sea of care and cure,
Help those who need me more,
Wipe war and terror from the face of earth,
Put a smile on every face on Earth,
Value peace for what its worth,
Oh! I would with "fate conspire"
To "change the scheme of things entire"
And make the world a better place,
More loving, more peaceful, more
full of happiness, laughter, desire...
Brilliant! Graham!
((((Come back hugs))))

Good poem...
Makes you wonder about the question as it gives many actual ideas of what to wish...
I would probably don't change a thing though... as a christian i belive that this is the best for us all and we all must stand our "punishment".

I think that no matter what we woulsay to change the world It wouldn't do much good, because if something gets better, some other gets worse. But instead of change much, we should just help a little bit for each, and hope that eventually it will get better.

I loved your text, and agree with much that's been said here.
Nice work, keep on going =~]>

Black Knight
I don't know precisely, what I would say.
I think would destroy this world, anyway.

I had the same thought last week and started the Poem "if I could change the world, I'd change it quite a bit" but now that it has been done this well I shall desist. Very good write