Poetry is a method of self expression.Sometimes however it makes you afraid to publisize your feelings.I have tried to capture this feeling in words.

An Ode to Poetry

The pathos of life are the feeding arteries for you.
You won't come near me when I am joyous and how.

You come flowing from my heart bubbling like a stream
To wash away my pain and fill me with a dream.

You will be safe with me forever I don't want to share you with others
I am afraid they will stare at you, tear at your heart and tug at your soul.

They will make me synonymous with you and ogle at my secrets written on you.
Let the skeletons lie in my closet I don't want to open ajar the doors.

I will hide you in my heart till it's the time for me to depart
Let them see you when I am gone and wonder whether they knew me or non.

You are too precious to die with me, you will live and shine with glee. Someday someone will read you and feel the joy that you filled my heart within.

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 503 times
Written on 2005-12-07 at 12:55

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Zoya Zaidi
Yah, this s a constant dillema of a poet,
This is where subtlity and ambiguity come to your rescue, to make things easier to say, and yet not expose yourself fully. But exposed you do stand in the eyes of the world! The choice is yours, you have to decide:"To be or not to be?"
A very good subject!