Because they are.

The Spice Of Life.

There are many ways a man can please
A woman with the greatest ease
Bring her flowers, buy her wine
Take her out at night to dine

Tell her things she likes to hear
Of her beauty in her ear
Praise her for her worldly charms
And hold her gently in your arms

Sympathise when she is down
Cheer her up to bring her round
Support her for her common sense
And never question her intelligence

When she's upset, or sad or moody
Don't just assume she's being broody
Just be gentle warm and kind
And ask her what is on her mind

And if she's sad and feeling lonely
Tell her she's your one and only
And if she crys through unknown fears
Be there to kiss away her tears

All these things and many more
Can warm her to the very core
Give her respect in every fashion
Show her love, warmth and compassion

And you should find, these things you do
By pleasing her, its also pleasing you
You have'nt got to give her treasure
Just being with her, should be your pleasure

For women are the spice of life
We should pander to their needs
Men have fought and died for them
When jealousy exceeds

Don't try and understand them
Its no use in trying to
They are a law unto themselves
But we love them through and through.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 556 times
Written on 2005-12-09 at 08:13

Tags Spiceoflife 

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Vixen's Cub
A very interesting write. Someone that understands the fairer sex. That's rare. Of course, it could be just that my opinion is as low as a twelve-year-old's could be when it comes to men.. But, I say again, great write! I'm going to get my mom to read this. see what she says. ;D

Zoya Zaidi
No wonder they flock around you?
Yooooooooooou the crafty "man"!
Knowing a woman through & through!
This smacks of old world charm...
But, we women have been around,
A while in this world, to realize,
That we also have an axe to grind,
We are not just sugar & spice,
There is more to us then meets the eye,
Try and understand us a while,
And you will soon come to find,
That we sometimes do have a mind,
That thinks and feels just like thine,
And sometimes it is even more fine!!!!

I could go on & on, on this,
But I have a clinic to mind...
So I'll go do something more constructive than this,
which is empty of mind...
Sorry, about that Graham!!!
You tread on my left toe this time!!!
((((((Hugs all the same)))))
We are friends for a long time!!!
xxx, Zoya

Well written and said. Women deserve much respect and love. This world is so much full of selfishness.Thanks.

Yep I agree with all of thee above , well done mate ,,,Eddy

Hi Penfold,I wish all men should read this,an essence of what awoman wants.You are absolutely right about it.

Esti D-G The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Penfold, Just love being put on a pedestal! What a loving poem to the fairer sex. Ho! Ho! Actually we are devious , manipulative , and use any means of emotional blackmail to get what we want, still its great to be adored!
Loadsalurve esti

Another good read with so much content and truth.