I wrote this for a friend,who recovered from heartbreak sooner than I could write this poem.So I decided to post it here...

Love's Journey

Love is like a tide, which comes and goes as it pleases.

If you bask in it's glory it gives you a coat that shines and shimmers,

But don't expect it to happen all along as it has a mind of its own.

It makes you cry,it makes you laugh, it makes your emotions go astray,

but collect your feelings,don't scatter them as the ways of the world are cruel all along.

Love might come and love might go if it comes you celebrate,

but don't be sad,never be forlorn when it decides to leave you at bay

if you smell the fragrance of love just let it waft through,

don't try to name it,don't try to tame it let it just go askew,

Don't close the doors of your heart let it come and circulate,

but when it leaves don't you mourn as it has done its due,

let it go and let it spread, the sweetness with which it filled your head,

let it circle the world over, it may come back to you one day again!

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 627 times
Written on 2005-12-09 at 12:50

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Nagamuthu Osho
Respected Poet,

Loved your verse, which will fill the universe....
Love is true and pure...
No one will wilt, if love is present and is always pleasant...

Your poem is absolute and infinite with beauty of rhythms..

If time permits sign my Guest Book of my Website:

Yours truly,
Editor (W.P.P.)

Hamzah Khan
reading this poem somehow gave me comfert

And how wonderful it is, with lots of truths in there :-))