There is a part of me

There is a part of me
That you will never understand

There is as part of you
That I will never understand


Do we help


Do we dump

Poetry by EMITSTI
Read 698 times
Written on 2007-10-07 at 02:54

Tags Understand  Help  Dump 

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Rik The PoetBay support member heart!
Most of what we do not understand about one another is the reflections of the conflicts between our own fears. Talking about ones fears is not easy but maybe worth it. A good thought provoking write.

And always remember "The heart doesn't count in years only moments".

Rob Graber
Responding non-dumpingly to this realization: so begins a mature relationship...

Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
I guess no person in this world can be considered as "perfect." Therefore, we can only be sure to love a person as he/she addition we have to love everything about that person if we truly love them. Unconditional Love I may say! great theme. very universal.