Days go by
One after another
Don't see them
Don't feel them
I work
But feel no joy
I eat
But the food has no taste
I sleep
But I don't dream
One day
I might see the beauty again

Poetry by Dalmore
Read 453 times
Written on 2007-10-07 at 09:28

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Winston Latanafrancia Soldevilla
I really emphatise with the mood of your poem. But, I would rather say: Life

"Life is just an empty space
if you have no one to cheer your days,
share your reverie,
and fill the emptiness of your heart's misery."

I guess you need to hope that someone will come to cheer your days. and I believe that it will come again someday. Most importantly is the hope you have in your heart.

Cheer up my friend! Behind those dark clouds is the sun smiling at you.