I saw a lone bench in a park in winter which conjured many images in my mind...

The Lonely Bench in the Wintry Park

The lonely bench in the wintry park with whisperjng trees with shadowing bark

I wonder what images the bench has seen, of hundreds of events that will be and have been.

Little girls who played hide and seek, that made the winter look less bleak,

Little boys who ran as fast as they could, their nannies catching their breath as they stood.

Young mothers hushing their babies to sleep with lullabies that could make angels weep.

Or lovers who sat in silenced bliss with stars in their eyes and smile on their lips.

A lonely maiden with a broken heart who nursed the grief that tore her apart.

A vagabond sometimes who just stops by to rest his tired feet that groan and sigh.

He knows the bench is not his goal, he has to go beyond to seek his soul.

The stoic bench has seen it all, the grief and the joys that on human befall.

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 475 times
Written on 2005-12-10 at 18:11

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Even the most mundane of objects can inspire us to create as you have created a lovely piece, thoroughly enjoyed reading it.