I'm trying to explain to myself why I feel this way. It's how I live...

Questions that kills me

I see, but I do not notice.
I hear, but I do not listen.
I try, but I can not make it.
I dream, but I do not believe in them.
I hope, but I do not wish.
I live, but do not have a life.
I am a living human being, but I am all dead inside.

I do not live. I am not. I am not here.
I am lost inside questions.
I am lost inside me...

Poetry by Sandra Sicilie Hansen
Read 722 times
Written on 2005-12-10 at 21:16

Tags Depression  Loneliness  Dead 

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wonderful, beautiful, moving poem! this touched me. (((((hugs)))))

So sad! This is true, since Im going through this stage in my life as well, it feels like you are here, but only in body and in being here now, it hurts....good luck for the future, 'cause it takes time to heal!


Zoya Zaidi
Mind blowing!
Can there be such a moment in life?
Yes! & It is a terrible feeling,
The worst of its kind,
Nothing seems to make sense,
Nothing seems to matter...
But, life has a way of making itself throbe, make you feel that it is there,
things pass & fog begins to clear...
outside life begins to make sense, inside begins to heal, a leaf turns inside, a shoot raises it head above the remains of the dead, and slowly & gradually before you know it the feeling is gone...
(((((hugs for that beautifl maiden piece)))))
Welcome to the poetbay!
xxx, Zoya