First part of a series of poems

Fantasy Part One: Tower Room

Staircases winding to the top
To a room where I stop
I open the door
Red roses cover the floor

In the centre stands a bed
As the sunset tints it red
I move over and lie down
Black locks surround me,
a darkened crown

As night descends
And day ends
Through the window I watch a crow
Gliding through the falling snow

The moonlight a silver stream
I fall asleep and start to dream
He comes to me, his lips descend
On mine
I wish this moment would never end

He whispers my name
And starts a game
Of passion and love
As stars shine above

Poetry by Christabel
Read 843 times
Written on 2005-12-10 at 21:28

Tags Romantic  Fantasy  Series 

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Ohhhhh so beautiful and paints such a vivid picture that captivated me from the very first line.

Welcome to a pleasant place to be you.


Steven Flood
Lol hiya Sandra :-)

You know I like this text already...It is brilliant and you should keep writing Tower Room

Zoya Zaidi
Both content and technique wise!
Keep it up Christable!
You will fit in here well, I reckon!
xxx, Zoya