How every people faces different situations in life....

In The Journey Of Life..

Every individual faces different stages of lifee..
At first while we go to school we have good friends..
Next while we leave school and enter into a good college
or University , we will have another set of good friends..
Next in graduation will have another set of good frnds..
After graduation will work for some company and will have
another set of good frnds who are coleagues to us...
Then everyone enters a stage of Marriage, where one will have one's wood bee
as a good frnd and life partner..
Again then one's wood bee's frnds, will add up to his/her frnd's list.
so, new frnds will keep on increasing in one's journey of life.

Friend is easy to obtain, But once gained, its difficult to maintain,
And once lost, it can never be regained.
So, never loose your close and Old one's.

Friend's are really very important and precious than any one in one's life..

Never loose your close and caring one's who are everready to help
you at any movement of life .............

Poetry by V.V.Ramesh
Read 691 times
Written on 2007-10-17 at 15:07

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