In Indian philosophy,it is believed that the soul goes on acquiring multiple influences as we pass through life, which are called "SANSKARAS" and if one is successful in erasing them one can attain moksha or Nirvana...yogis are spiritual gurus..

Images are Prisons

Images are prisons which flash upon your inward eye like Wordsworth says, but are not daffodils anyway.

At-least not most of them, they imprison you in a mindset even if you yearn to be free

These are the 'sanskaras' the yogis say, remove them and your shackles will flee and to attain moksha you will be free.

But is it so easy to erase them as they are there to stay?

To erase them is to erase a part of you, your mind and your soul
And will you then be whole??

Poetry by ANUPAM
Read 453 times
Written on 2005-12-11 at 13:29

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interesting thought!