Perchance to dream.

Freedom is the gift from god
And the right of all mankind
Yet from birth the fetters form
If not real then in the mind

We're bound by forces beyond our scope
But still we have our dreams
From these we take our strength and hope
To live our life it seems

These dreams we seek to live by
That seldom come to light
Their substance real,yet set to high
Is just an added plight

Now as i watch the clouds go by
And dream of a far off place
A dream i know that cannot be
Spreads the tears across my face

For some their dreams will come to life
And fulfill their every wish
For others just a form of strife
And their prize an empty dish.

Poetry by penfold18
Read 511 times
Written on 2005-12-12 at 11:39

Tags Dreams 

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education for everyone by 2015.
maybe that will give the less fortunate a better prize.
this is truely a must read:)

Dreaming comes into a few of my poems and "Perchance to dream" are among my favourite three words as they can conjure up so much as does your poem. Even if the dish comes up empty every day we can still dream. Good read and so true.